FSc Part 1 - Mathematics

Mathematics-Algebra and Trigonometry is a compulsory subject for those intermediate students who opted for FSc Pre-Engineering or ICS. There are total 14 chapters in the book which are devised to make create logical and analytical skills learners. All chapters and their exercises will help students to identify and solve problems quickly and they will also equip them with time management skills.

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Subject Details

  1. Number System

In this chapter, students will learn about rational and irrational numbers, real numbers and their properties and complex numbers. Students will also revise the concept of a real line.

  1. Sets, Functions and Groups

The second chapter will cover elements such as set and its operations, Venn diagrams, inductive logic, deductive logic, inverse function and its reverse law.

  1. Matrices and Determinants

Students will learn matrices, determinants and their applications in this lesson. They will study different types of matrices and their solutions; will learn that how linear equations could be solved so easily with the help of matrices.

  1. Quadratic Equations

Students will come to know about equations reducible to the quadratic equation, 3 cube roots of unity and 4 fourth roots of unity. They will also study polynomial functions and system of equations involving two variables.

  1. Partial Fractions

The 5th chapter will address rational fractions and their resolution into partial fractions.

  1. Sequences and Series

Students will cover topics such as arithmetic progression and mean series, disadvantages of AP, geometric means and series, harmonic progressions in this chapter.

  1. Permutation , Combination and Probability

This lesson will cover applications of permutation, combination and probability.

  1. Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem

You will study mathematical and extended methodical inductions and binomial theorem in this chapter.

  1. Fundamentals of Trigonometry

This chapter will teach the measurement of angles, the relation between an arc of a circle and central angle and trigonometric function of various angles.

  1. Trigonometric Identities

You will study that how trigonometric identities can be used to find the value of any angle. It will also discuss basic mathematical operations of sines and cosines.

  1. Trigonometric Functions and their Graphs

This chapter will elaborate trigonometric functions and their representation on a graph.

  1. Application of Trigonometry

Students will learn the solution of triangle using trigonometry and they will also study the applications and usage of this branch of mathematics.

  1. Inverse Trigonometric Functions

You will learn inverse functions of Cosine, Sine, tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant. They will also study about the range and domain of these functions.

  1. Solutions of Trigonometric Equation

The last chapter of the book deals with trigonometric equations and their solution.