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First Year Mathematics Paper Pattern


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PHD Mathematics and Statistics 10 years Teaching experience in Math & Sat of different field like FSc,BSc, And O,A level


Afzaal Subhani


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  • iamge

    Araiz Khan 07-10-2020

    Sir aapke aadhe se ziada question k answers galat hote hain

  • iamge

    Affan Khan 03-10-2020

  • iamge

    Ahmed 21-09-2020

    we are paying like nothing and still complaining about the teacher. i think he explained well.. i am satisfied with his perfomance

  • iamge

    Khalid Abbasi 04-09-2020

    Sir ap ka question no 9.1 ka 7 ka answer ghult hy plz correct krn student ko ghumrah na krn

  • iamge

    Shehbaz 28-08-2020

    Sir nothing is learnt from first year mathematics

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M Ishaq Bhatti
M Ishaq Bhatti 10-09-2018 22:51

It should be taken as an effort..... A brilliant start... It will surely improve by the time but if we discourage it now, nobody will dare to post his lectures on line free of Cost..... Editing can overcome the deficiencies surely. So to me, no issue if there are mistakes in this attempt....... If we are listening with 100% we can easily find mistakes... Issue is that we try to remember the solution spoken by or written by the teacher, rather than getting the concept clear. Dear brothers, We are fond of wasting time in going academies consisting a class of 40 students. We should use computar for such purposes not for Facebook Whattsapp Imo etc.

Zuhair 25-10-2018 22:50

Watching this at 2x speed

Ammar Anwar
Ammar Anwar 23-02-2020 0:06

very very good sir

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