FSc Part 1 - Physics

Physics-11 is one of the compulsory subjects for both pre-engineering and pre-medical students. However, it is an elective subject. All lessons of Physics-11 are available on in video format. The lectures are delivered by an experienced teacher Mr. Qasim Jalal who covered all topics of the subject. Furthermore, all examples, numerical and questions are also explained and solved by the teacher. Self-assessment test will also help you to analyze your progress in the first year Physics

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    Please madam momal give lecture of fsc part 1 book 1 chapter no 5,6,7,8

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    Sir please give me a lecture on capacitor in simple way in Urdu

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    fazool cantt understand he doesnt speak english ..........

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    Where are you madam je?

Qasim Jalal

Qasim Jalal

M Phil Bio & Medical Physics

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Momal Attiq

Momal Attiq

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Subject Details

This subject is not created only for engineers or physicists, but it has great impacts on our daily lives. From our communication to movement to health to construction everything depends upon Physics. Cars, cycles, buses, BP apparatus, Xray machine, robots, computer, phone, fans, AC, hence everything is an invention of Physics.

The 1st year Physics book has been developed to make students aware about Theoretical Physics and its applications. It teaches students about measurements, force, motion and behavior of objects and particles and many more.



The book contain eleven chapters which are given below:

1.       Measurements

2.       Vector and Equilibrium

3.       Motion and Force

4.       Work and Energy

5.       Circular Motion

6.       Fluid Dynamics

7.       Oscillation

8.       Waves

9.       Physical Optics

10.   Optical Instruments

11.   Heat and Thermodynamics

These chapters cover topics such as physical quantities and their units, error and uncertainty calculations, dimensions, torque, vector mathematical functions. Laws of motion, energy and its kinds, types of motions, mechanism of fluid, Bernouli’s equation are also explained with real life examples.


Paper Pattern:

For 1st year students, the Physics paper is based on MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions. For your easiness we are mentioning the study scheme.


There will be one multiple choice question from chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 4, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 9 and chapter 10. Whereas, two MCQs will based on chapter 3 and 11. The examiner will ask three questions from both 5th and 8th chapters.

Short Questions:

This portion consists of 3 Questions which are then subdivided. The division of this part is given below:

Question No.2: Chapter 1 (4 SQs), Chapter 2 (3 SQs), Chapter 3 (4 SQs) and Chapter 6 (1 SQ)  

Question No.3: Chapter 4 (3SQs), Chapter 5 (3SQs), Chapter 7 (3SQs) and Chapter 8 (3SQs)

Question No.4: Chapter 9 (3SQs), Chapter 10 (2SQs) and Chapter 11 (4SQs)

For each 2nd and 3rd questions students are required to give answers to 8 questions out of 12. While, the 3rd question contains 9 sub questions out of which answer to 9 in mandatory.


Long Questions:

The final exam of 1st year contains 5 long questions, each divided into two parts. Students can give answers to any 3 questions of their own choice. Pairing for this part is given below.

Question No.5: (a) Chapter No.2; (b) Chapter No.3

Question No.6: (a) Chapter No.4; (b) Chapter No.5

Question No.7: (a) Chapter No.7; (b) Chapter No.8

Question No.8: (a) Chapter No.9; (b) Chapter No.1O

Question No.9: (a) ChapterNo.6; (b) Chapter No.11