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Solutions of Oblique Triangles


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Ph.D Scholar Mathematics. 8 Year's Assistant Professor at Lahore Garrison University Writer : Book 1 Leads Conceptual Mathematics part 2 Book 2 Leads Mathematics part 1

Muhammad Naveed

Muhammad Naveed Jaffar

Ph.D Mathematics

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  • iamge

    Saqib Ali 24-05-2019

    Great sir, and excellent teaching method. live long with smile...

  • iamge

    Vareesha Shakeel 23-05-2019

  • iamge

    Safeer Hussain 22-05-2019

    one of the best techer of mathematics

  • iamge

    Zeeshan 22-05-2019

  • iamge

    Saqib 17-05-2019


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