MDCAT Notes & Books

Aspirants, you should consult your intermediate course/textbooks to prepare for MDCAT. These books are the best resource to get the knowledge and grab concepts about various topics of all subjects. But relying completely on textbook isn’t a wise decision. We will not ask you to just consult one publisher for MDCAT 2018 preparation. For a complete preparation to achieve the highest score, you must consult books and from local, national and international publishers. Their books contain advanced knowledge and information about Physics, Chemistry and Biology. To boost your vocab, you must consult dictionaries, and develop reading habits.


MDCAT Notes & Books

Just don’t read the books but also do as much practice as you can so that you could reach a perfection level in the subject.

Some of the for MCAT preparation are given below:

·         Stars Academy MCAT Books and Notes for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English.

·         KIPS Entry Test Series for UHS MDCAT

·         STEP MDCAT notes and practice books

·         Barron's MCAT

·         SAT-I English and SAT-II for Physics, Chemistry and Bio

·          Sterling Test Prep MCAT General Chemistry Review and Practice series

·         KAPLAN series for MCAT, including flash cards

·         Jonathon Orsay’s MCAT books

·         FR Mnemonics

·         Grammar Accounts by Salmanul Waheed

·         Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

·         Cambridge Dictionary

Beside these books, you can also take help from other books, notes and online resources. You can also consult your teachers and fellows for the books which could match your level. Don’t just wait for last days to make up for UHS MDCAT, but start preparing from now. The more you will read and practice, the higher marks you will obtain.

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how we prepare chemistry?

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do practice on mcq most of the time

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plz upload chemistry lectures

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