Punjab Board 10th - English

Whether you are a student of science or arts group, you curriculum includes English. It is a compulsory subject not only in Punjab or federal board, but in all boards of the country. You have to attempt a paper of 75 marks each in both 9th and 10th grade, covering both. The textbook of English has 13 chapters, including poems. There are grammar, comprehension and vocabulary exercises to do. We have uploaded video lectures under the English section of our site, for students to get your hands on this subject. Watch these lectures, read your textbook, take our online quiz and check past papers regularly to attain good grades in the subject.

Subject Details

Some students take English too easy while others remain afraid of it thorough their academic session, resulting in high supply rate in the subject. Don’t take it too easy not to read or listen the lecture, nor become afraid of it. Listen to your teacher, read the book and watch the lectures provided by instutor.com resulting into gain good marks in the subject.


The course outline of the subject is given below.

Lesson 1: Hazrat Muhammad SAW an embodiment of justice

Lesson 2: Chinese New Year

Lesson 3: Try Again

Lesson 4: First Aid

Lesson 5: The Rain

Lesson 6: Television vs Newspapers

Lesson 7: Little by Little One Walks Far!

Lesson 8: Peace

Lesson 9: Selecting the Right Career

Lesson 10: A World without Books

Lesson 11: Great Expectations

Lesson 12: Population Growth and World Food Supplies

Lesson 13: Faithfulness

All these lectures cover important aspects such as comprehension skills, text organization, and analysis of story elements, develop oral and written communication skills. They also deal with parts of speech, all 12 tenses, active and passive voice and the structure of conditional sentences. Exercises and reading also improve vocabulary of students. Practicing English is not only important to pass examinations, but because it is necessary to succeed. It is recognized as international language and also an official language of Pakistan. It’s necessary to spread your voice all around the globe.


Paper Pattern:

Like other subjects, the paper of English also consists of two portions, objective and subjective. The former consists of 19 questions, each of one number, while the latter is divided into two sections, containing 7 questions. Most of these questions are then again divided into various parts or questions. Total marks for this portion are 56.