Punjab Board 10th - Physics

It is one of the compulsory subjects for those students of Federal and Punjab Board who opt for science group in matric. It comprises of 9 chapters and all those are explained via video lectures in Physics section, under 10th class. Not only this, we have also provided the facility of chapter-wise assessment test so that’s why students can testify their abilities and understanding of the subject. To get advantage from this, we recommend you first to read the lesson, check paper pattern of the subject and marks division, then watch the video lecture and take the test at the end.

Subject Details

The word Physics is derived from Greek work “Physikos” which means knowledge of nature. It is very difficult to define what Physics is, but in simple words it is a natural science which deals with matter, energy and interaction between them.

It is the compulsory subject for the students of Science Group from both Matric and Inter. The 10th grade book of Physics is consist of 9 chapters which are as under:

•             Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves

•             Sound

•             Electrostatics

•             Current Electricity

•             Electromagnetism

•             Basic Electronics

•             Information and Communication Technology

•             Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

Beside it, the book also contains glossary which contains definition of keywords. Learn it by heart to solve out number of MCQs and short answers quickly.

Paper Pattern:

Physics 10th class paper is consist of two parts; one is objective type while the other is subjective type. In objective type there are 12 MCQs, 12 marks. The time allowed for this part is 15 minutes. Understand the question first and then answer them accurately. Candidates have to answer these questions on bubble sheets, by encircling the correct answer, provided by the examination centre. After the time will up, the invigilator will collect the answer sheets from all students. Click to see the sample paper.

The subjective Type paper will compromise of 48 marks and the allowed time for it will be 1 hour and 45 minutes. There will be two major sections in it which are short questions (30 marks) and long questions (18 marks). Both these sections will be further divided into subsections. Here you can see the sample paper of 10th-Physics.

Our video lectures will develop better understanding of Physics and will eliminate your ambiguities about basics of Physics. The teachers will develop your interest about topics such as reflection, refraction, transformers, electric field, electronic and mechanical waves, AC and DC motor and many more.