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Grammar is a way to place words together in a specific arrangement to form a sentence. It is a crucial element of any language, without the absence grammar a message will be vague or it will be difficult to understand it. Many students find this part difficult. For their ease our teacher has delivered the lecture in a way easy to catch by the students. Watch these video lectures to feel confident during your exams. These lectures also covers paragraph and essay writing and translation

Shahid Bhatti

Shahid Bhatti

M A English

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Subject Details

The “Grammar and composition” is the crucial part of English paper. The most part of the paper is consisted on this portion rather than a textbook. The grammar makes any language easily comprehensible; absence of grammatical structure creates ambiguity. “Cup a tea the on table is of.”  For some people it is totally understandable, while others find difficult to understand the message transmitted by these words. If you want others to understand your message properly, then you must have good grammatical skills.

A good grip on grammar makes a person more confident to speak and write the language. This course is built up to enhance linguistic skills in students. It includes parts of speech, tenses, types of sentence, active and passive voice, direct-indirect, etc. To improve the creative writing and vocabulary, the syllabus also includes pair of words and essay and passage writing exercises. To check whether the students understand English and are the capable of translating from their native language into English translation exercises are also a part of the curriculum.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of English of 10th grade, Punjab board, comprises of 43 marks. Whereas, total marks for English, Matric part-II, are 75. The objective portion contains 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs) from grammar. Among them five are about correct usage of tense, while the remaining five are usually based upon various parts of speech. Subjective part includes five “direct-indirect sentences” (5 marks), five pair of words, each of 1. During exam there is a choice between essay and paragraph writing. Students are supposed to write a 100-150 words paragraph or 150-200 words essay on given topics. This questions is allocated 15 marks. The last question of the paper directs to translate an assigned passage from Urdu to English. This question is of 8 marks. Beside translation, English medium students can write 10 liner on a given topic.