FSc Part 1

Hello students. is here to assist you throughout 11th class. Do you find Urdu a difficult subject or English look problematic to you? It isn’t easy to learn Physics and Computer is also a bit confusing. Math is not easy to catch or your college teacher says that Chemistry isn’t easy to clear. Don’t get exhausted; our professional and well qualified teachers will deliver these lectures in an interesting and friendly way. Additionally, they will clear your all confusions by strengthening your concepts of each subject

After completing the school education, students enter into a new phase of their educational lives and get enrolled in 11th class which is an initial level of higher secondary school education in Pakistan. This new phase is also known as Intermediate Part-1. Teachers treat inter students as adults and expect maturity from them. They also choose subjects by their free will and according to their future plans. Students then work hard to attain higher marks to seek admission in their dream universities. Various study groups and subjects are available on this level; but, English, Urdu, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies are compulsory for all. Some of them and their brief details are given below.


Intermediate of Science:

FSc Pre Engineering:

Those who want to become engineers or wish to attain a degree in mathematics or Physics etc, Pre Engineering is the best choice for them.  

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics


FSc Pre Medical:

Those whose dream profession is MBBS or BDS; this group is an ultimate option for them. Not only this, but if you wish further studies in genetics, nutrition, agriculture, biotechnology and biochemistry then you must opt for this choice. Biology in intermediate is prerequisite to seek admission in these programs.

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology


Intermediate of Computer Science:

If you want to go with IT, software engineering, computer science or artificial intelligence in your baccalaureate then you should opt ICS during intermediate as it will develop your base for further studies.

Subjects: Computer Science and Mathematics are compulsory subjects in ICS. However, students have choice among Physics, Economics and Statistics.

Social Sciences and Humanities:

Intermediate of Commerce:

Those who are inclined towards banking, business and management sectors choose ICom.

Subjects: Accounting, Business Mathematics, Economics and Commerce

Intermediate of Faculty of Arts:

In this category the option is available among 20 subjects, three groups.

Subjects: Economics, Home Economics, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi, Pushtu, Education, Urdu Literature and English Literature, Islamic History, Pakistani Culture Civics, Statistics, Philosophy, Geography, Physical and Psychology, Sociology, Fine Arts, Computer Science, Food and Nutrition, Hematology and Blood Banking, Clothing and Textile, Military History, Defense Studies, Agriculture and Typing.

Students need to pick three subjects of their interest from the above mentioned