FSc Part 1 - Chemistry

11th Chemistry is a compulsory subject for students of FSc Pre-Engineering and FSc Pre-Medical. Students from both groups find this subject the most difficult but you will find this subject the easiest after watching video lectures delivered by Mr Khurram Shehazad. His teaching methodology attracts the students and clear their concepts. He removes all the confusions about all topics. We also strictly recommend you to take chapter-wise test, available on, so that you could evaluate yourself

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    Sir really good teacher

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    Fiza muneer

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    Muhmmad Faizan Tahir

Khurram Shehzad

Khurram Shehzad


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Farhan yousaf

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Subject Details

World is full of Chemistry and our each little action involves a great, though invisible, chemical reaction behind it. The 11th grade chemistry book is designed to explain to students about these chemical reactions, structure, properties, composition of atoms and their compounds. This book contains basic concept of Chemistry, experimental techniques. It tells students about various experimental techniques, chemical bonding, types of matter, chemical equilibrium, kinetics reaction and much more.



Paper Pattern:

Inter Part-I paper for Chemistry carries 85 marks as a whole. The paper is divided into two main parts; objective and subjective. The objective paper contains 17 multiple choice questions of 17 marks as a whole. Whereas, the subjective portion is subdivided into two sections which are short question and answers and long question and answers. The division for both of the sections is given below.


This section contains three questions, from Q2 to Q4, which are further divided into parts. Both question no.2&3 contain twelve parts out which students are required to attempt eight parts. The each question carries 16 marks. Question no.4, Section-I, consists on nine parts out of which answer to six is mandatory. It carries 12 marks.


It contains 5 long questions and students are required to attempt three of their own choice. Each question of this section carries 8 marks.