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FSc Part 1 - Computer Science

Hello learners, we welcome you on 11th Class Computer Science page of our website. Here, we covered all chapters of your CS textbook, published by Punjab board. Sir Abid Hussain will teach you the basics of computer and will also provide you relevant interesting information. To get prepared for your final exams, read your textbook first, then listen to him carefully. Don’t forget to take a self-assessment test after learning each chapter

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Abid Hussain

Abid Hussain


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Subject Details

The world has already started to depend upon artificial intelligence and it would be really pathetic if you don’t know how it initiated or how all this happen. Computer Science book for 11th grade has been written to make students familiar with this age. The book contains 10 chapters which provide basic information about computer software, hardware and networking.


Titles of these chapters are given below:

·         Basics of Information Technology

·         Information Networks

·         Data Communications

·         Application and Uses of Computers

·         Computer Architecture

·         Security, Copyright and the Law

·         Windows OS

·         Word Processing

·         Spread Sheet

·         Fundamentals of the Internet

Inter Part-I Paper Pattern:

Total Marks: 75

Total Time Allowed: 2 hours 30 minutes

The paper contains three types of questions, i.e., multiple choice, short and long.  


Students have to attempt 15 multiple choice questions within 20 minutes. Each MCQ carries 1 mark.


Subjective paper consists of two sections, out of which the first section requires short answers to given questions. It contains three questions of 9,9 and 10 parts each. Students need to attempt 6 parts of each question, while each part carries 2 marks.


Section 2 contains 5 questions. Students must have to attempt three long questions, each of eight marks, from this portion