FSc Part 2 - Biology

If you are a student of FSc Pre-Medical, then you must have to study this subject as this is the only one which distinguishes you from Pre-Engineering group. This subject is planned to tell students about fundamentals of bioscience. In this subject, students study the complete circle of plants and human life and everything which leaves an impact on them. On, you can watch video lectures of the each chapter of your course book. These lectures are delivered by Mr Shadab Abbasi, who discuss every topic in detail.

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M.Shadab Abbasi

M.Shadab Abbasi

B.s Zoology

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Aqsa Waheed

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Aazib Abeer

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Subject Details

There are 13 chapters in Biology book for12th grade. These chapters are based on zoology, botany, ecology and applications of biology. All the chapters and their relevant questions are explained by an expert; you can take advantage of it on this page.

Titles of the Chapters:


  • Homeostasis

For the ease of the students we have divided this chapter into 10 parts, videos. These videos cover concepts in homeostasis, osmoregulation and urinary tract problems.

  • Support and Movement

There are 11 videos in this section. These videos address topics related to support and movement in animals and plants and human skeleton.

  • Coordination and Control

This chapter deals with the process and types of coordination in plants and animals. You also learn human nervous system and endocrine system of mammals and humans in this chapter.

  • Reproduction

This chapter explores the whole reproductive cycle of plants and human. It also talks about artificial reproduction and human immunodeficiency virus aka AIDS.

  • Growth and Development

In this chapter, students learn different phases of growth and developments in plants and animals. They also study regeneration and abnormal development here.

  • Chromosomes and DNA

This chapter deals with types and composition of chromosomes, mutation, genes and DNA.

  • Cell Cycle

This chapter studies cell division in detail; process of mitosis and meiosis and their importance is elaborated here.

  • Variation and Genetics

In this chapter you will study variation in gene frequencies. It covers topics such as Mendel’s laws, alleles, epistasis, gene linkage, crossing over etc.

  • Biotechnology

This chapter will enhance your knowledge about cloning, gene therapy, tissue culture, transgenic plants, animals and bacteria and their applications.

  • Evolution

First, you will study about evolution-creation concept. Then, theory from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, Neo Darwinism and natural and artificial selection.

  • Ecosystem

In this chapter you will learn about ecology, ecosystem and its components, succession and its types, nitrogen cycle, flow of energy and mutual relationship of trophic levels and energy.

  • Some Major Ecosystems

This chapter explores aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. It also talks about ecosystems present in Pakistan.

  • Man and His Environments

In the last chapter you will study nonrenewable and renewable resources, their depletion, cutting and growing forest, pollution and the role of a man in his atmosphere.