FSc Part 2 - Mathematics

Mathematics-12 is a compulsory subject for ICS and FSc Pre-Engineering groups. It contains 12 chapters and you can learn all of them on this page of our website. A highly qualified and well experienced teacher Mr. Muhammad Naveed Jaffar would teach you the subject via recorded video lectures. Watch them to learn mathematical techniques which are a part of your 12th class course. The teacher explained and solved all questions of the course book.

Subject Details

The book of mathematics for 12th class contains 7 chapters, while each chapter is divided into various parts.

  1. Function and Limits

This is a basic concept of calculus. Students will learn about functions, their types, limits and inverse. They will also study about continuous and discontinuous functions and a graphical representation of function.

  1. Differentiation

This chapter will teach you to find derivatives of different functions. You will also learn derivative theorems and chain rule and expansion of series.

  1. Integration

Its and inverse phenomenon of differentiation. In this chapter you will learn ways to find integral.

  1. Introduction to Analytical Geometry

This chapter explores the usage of analytical geometry, translation and rotation of axes, straight lines and angle between two lines.

  1. Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming

In this chapter. Students will learn what linear inequalities are and how they can obtain a feasible value, using them, under given conditions.

  1. Conic Section

In this chapter you will study equation of circle, tangents, parabola, hyperbola, ellipse and other related topics.

  1. Vectors

It’s the last chapter of the book. Students will learn to apply basic mathematical operations on vectors. They could also be able to take scalar and vector product of vectors.