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There are three major categories in the Syllabus of 2nd year; Book Two, novel Good Bye Mr. Chips and Grammar. In this page, complete section of book Mr. Chips is covered. Mr. Chips is an English novel divided into eighteen chapter in the book 2nd year English. 2nd year English is an exam of total 100 marks. Of these total marks, 15 – 20 marks are covered from novel Mr. Chips. Video lectures of complete Mr. Chips are shared free of cost on this page. Below you can see complete details about book Mr. Chips.

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Subject Details


Who Should Study it?

This course is for all the students of intermediate living in Punjab. This course is used in the English syllabus of all exam boards in Punjab. As English is a compulsory subject in intermediate course, every student must study and learn this course in order to pass the exams. No matter what student’s program is in intermediate i.e. FA, FSc, ICS or I.Com etc. English subject is compulsory in all of them. Mr. Chips is just a part of second year English syllabus. 

What is Good Bye Mr. Chips?

Good Bye Mr. Chips, is a fictional novel about a teacher. This whole novel is divided in 18 chapters for the ease of students. Whole story goes in a flow and related to all past chapter in this novel. So, students have to study it in an order from first to eighteen. One might found himself lost if missed a chapter. This novel is about a fictional character Mr. Chipping. Writer got this inspiration from his father. The character is from the time of mid-20th century. Mr. Chips is a school teacher and spent his whole life in this profession teaching in only one school. There were many ups and downs in his life that are also shared in the novel.

Any question can be asked from within the lessons in your exam. There are no exercise questions in Mr. Chips novel.  Synonyms are also included in MCQs section of exam. From exams point of view, most important thing to learn from Mr. Chips are Question answers as they carry most of the marks. 

Paper Pattern and Attempting Method from Mr. Chips for Punjab Board

Mr. Chips is one of three sections. Mr. Chips covers from 20 marks in exam. There are 2 types of questions from novel Mr. Chips.

1.    Questions from the novel

2.    Synonyms as MCQs

1 -   Questions from Book Mr. Chips:

There will be a Question number 4 in your English paper with 12 questions from chapters of Mr. Chips novel. Student will have to attempt answers to 8 questions out of these 12 questions. Each question carries 2 marks.

In short, there is a total of 16 marks from questions of novel Mr. Chips given in Question Number 4 on paper.

2 -   Synonyms as MCQs from Mr. Chips:

There will come synonyms in MCQs from Mr. Chips that will cover 4 marks from a total of 20 marks. There won’t be question about the novel but only synonyms. Student must underline and learn all the difficult words while studying Mr. Chips novel in order to prepare for this section.

Paper Pattern and Attempting Method from Mr. Chips for Federal Board

Mr. Chips is one of three sections. Mr. Chips covers 14 -15 marks in exam. There are 2 types of questions from Mr. Chips novel.

1.    Questions from Mr. Chips

2.    MCQs from Mr. Chips novel

1 -   Questions from Mr. Chips:

There will be a Question number 3 in your English paper with 3 questions from chapters of Mr. Chips novel. Student will have to attempt answers to 2 questions out of these 3 questions. Each question carries 6 marks.

In short, there is a total of 12 marks from questions of Mr. Chips given in Question Number 3 on paper.

How to Attempt Questions?

For 6 marks, complete your answer within 60 – 70 words. Use self-writing skills explaining the complete question without making any grammatical mistake. 

2 -   MCQs from Mr. Chips:

MCQs from Mr. Chips novel carry 2 – 3 marks. All these MCQs come from inside the chapter about the story. There is hardly any synonym in MCQs section and not necessarily from Mr. Chips. Make sure, you know all dates and names as they are important.

Why Study this Course?

Mr. Chips is great creative novel. Writer used so many fictional characters in such a way that it was admirable. If you read this novel, you find yourself happy, sad and excited at moments. They way writer transformed his thoughts into words and transferred the feelings is truly splendid. Main character in this novel is Mr. Chipping called Mr. Chips. Mr. Chips is a teacher and spent his life like this. Writer described his whole in the most beautiful way. He added so many fictional characters and each with a background story that it looks like a real world story. 

Every student must once read this complete novel. It will teach them the art of writing. It is truly an inspiration for writers. Writer has used such vocabulary that is a little difficult to understand for students but it improves their vocabulary to a next level. Instead of preparing or memorizing from exam’s point of view, students should read and enjoy this novel. This way, they will be able to easily clear exam with good marks in this section. Whole is divided into 18 chapters which makes it even easier to understand. Studying this course is also important because it carries 15 – 20 marks. 

Students are recommended to study this course with the lectures of These video lectures are like a free academy because teachers have covered ever single topic and everything a student must know to learn the lesson to fullest but also to get highest score in exams. It is no issue if you always get poor grades or think you are not smart like other students. Even for the students looking forward to top in exams will find that every little thing is discussed in these lectures and not a portion of 1 mark is left.