Punjab Board Grammar

FSc Part 2 - Punjab Board Grammar

Grammar in 2nd year English is one of three major portions of its syllabus. In this page, complete section of 2nd year Punjab Board Grammar is covered. Of these total marks, 50 marks are covered from this Grammar section. English Grammar is a very large course. It is the most important part of syllabus that must be prepared to pass 2nd year English exam. In these video lectures, everything is taught keeping the Board exams pattern in view.

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Who Should Study this Course?

This course is for all students of 2nd year studying under Punjab Board. English is a compulsory subject for all programs.  Grammar is a part of second year English syllabus. It contains about half of English syllabus and marks. Every student in 2nd year has to Punjab Board has to learn Grammar.

What is English Grammar of 2nd Year in Punjab Board?

English Grammar is half of the syllabus of 2nd year English of Punjab Board. Punjab Board’s syllabus of 2nd year English Grammar includes:

1.    Tenses

2.    Idioms

3.    Essay Writing

4.    Prepositions

It is very important that student learn Grammar if they want to learn English. Idioms are used in daily life speeches and writing. Essay Writing is a skills that is really important in professional life. It give you the ability to describe something in your own words in a proper manner. Prepositions are the most common mistake in English languages. This section will help you get rid of these flaws and save you from embarrassment in future.

Paper Pattern and Attempt Methodology from Grammar for Punjab Board

Complete paper of second year English contains 100 marks. Grammar is one of three sections. Grammar covers 50 marks in exam. This section of Grammar covers from Question Number 5 – 7 in subjective type and some MCQs in paper. Questions in paper include following from Grammar:

1.    Essay Writing

2.    Making Sentences of Idioms

3.    Translation of a passage into English


4.    Writing a Paragraph of specific subject

5.    Selection of correct sentence in MCQs

6.    Preposition in MCQs

1 -    Essay Writing:

In Question Number 5 of English Paper, students are given four Topics for Essay writing. Student is required to write an essay following all rules of writing. This one question contains 15 marks

How to Write an Essay:

When writing an essay, try to start from a new page. In next line of after skipping one line, write the title of the selected essay. Essay should cover about 250 – 300 words divided in multiple paragraphs. It is important that student must divide it into paragraph or presentation marks are definitely gone. Watch the video lecture on Essay writing for more guidance.

2 -   Make Sentences of Idioms:

In Question Number 6 of Paper, students are given 8 idioms. Student is required to make sentence of 5 idioms. Each idiom contains 1 mark.

How to Attempt Idioms?

Select 5 idioms that you can make sentences of. Memorizing sentences to all idioms can be quite difficult. Watch the video lecture on idioms on instutor.com for more guidance.

3 -   Translation of an Urdu Passage into English:

You will be given an Urdu passage in Question Number 7. You have to translate that whole passage into English. This one question carries 15 marks

4 -   Write a Paragraph:

This contains the same marks as Translation, 15 marks. However, just writing a simple paragraph won’t be enough to get 15 marks. You will need to write it very professionally and use strong points.  

5 -   Selection of Correct Sentence in MCQs :

Total MCQs contain 20 marks. There will be given 5 MCQs where student is required to select one grammatically correct sentence out of 4. This section carries 5 marks. Student can only identify the mistake in sentence if he/ she has proper knowledge of English Grammar. Tenses play an important role her. You must read all the sentence and select the one that is best among them. 

6 -   Prepositions in MCQs :

5 of the marks in MCQs come from preposition section. Prepositions are a part of speech. Student must know proper use of Prepositions to pass this section. There is given a sentence with a missing preposition and student has to select one of the 4 given prepositions. 

Why Study this Course?

If one needs to learn English language, he/ she must first have complete understanding of the concepts taught in this course. If you learn this course, it will not only help you in practical life but you also get 50 percent marks in exam from this section.

Students will get to learn complete syllabus from experienced professional teachers, by studying this course with the lectures of Instutor.com. These video lectures cover every bit of 2nd year English syllabus and tips are also discussed within lectures. Every topic is taught with an approach that student of every level can easily learn from them.