FSc Part 2 - Statistics

Statistics in one of the optional subject available for ICS group. Students have to choose this subject along with Economics or Mathematics. All video lectures of this subject are available on statistics page under 12th class. By reading your book, watching these lectures and practicing the questions, you could easily obtain 90+ numbers in the subject. You can also take chapter-wise test to check your progress in Statistics

Subject Details

Statistics is the study of a numerical data, its analyzation, classification, interpretation and presentation. ICS group students study this subject. Statistics is widely used in economics, accounting, finance, research, sales, inventory management and other fields. Online lectures of will teach students all the essential elements of the subject. These lectures will enable them to apply stats to solve their daily basis problems. They could also apply their learning at professional level. We have also provided student the facility of the online test, so that’s why they could evaluate their learning. The marks in these tests will help them to check their abilities at self-basis. Students should carefully listen the lesson to grasp all points to perform better in papers. They should also take tests again and again to do more practice.



  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling Techniques and Sampling Distributions
  • Estimation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Simple Linear Regression and Correlation
  • Association
  • Analysis of Times Series
  • Orientation of Computers


Paper Pattern:

The paper of Statistics-XII contains two parts. One is objective based while the other is subjective part. There are 17 multiple choice questions in objective type paper of Stats. This part contains 17 marks and the allowed time for it is 20 minutes. Students need to solve all MCQs on bubble sheets.

There are two sections in subjective type paper. The first section contains 3 questions. Students are required to answer them briefly. Each section further divides into multiple parts. Applicants have to give short answers of 8-8 parts from second and third questions. While, they have to attempt only six parts of the fourth question. Each part contains two marks.

The second section contains 5 long questions, while the answer of three is mandatory. Each question of this section carries 8 marks.