FSc Part 2 - Urdu

Urdu is a compulsory subject of 12th class. Each student has to clear the exam of Urdu to pass out higher secondary school. This subject makes students aware about their national language. Students learn Urdu literature, grammar and writing skills in this subject. You can watch the video lectures of the complete course of 12th grade Urdu on instutor.com. These lectures will develop writing and comprehensive skills in you. You will also find the answers of exercise questions in these videos

Subject Details

The complete course of Urdu is divided into Prose Part, حصہ نثر, Ghazal Part, حصہ غزل, Nazam Part, حصہ نظم, and Grammar. The prose part contains fourteen lessons. All these literary pieces are written by famous Urdu writers.  There are 10 poems in Nazam Part. The book also contains 12 ghazels. The grammar portion consists on punctuation (رموزاوقاف), helping verbs (امدادی افعال), correct usage of word (مطابقت اور حروف), letter writing (خطوط نویسی) and essay writing (مضمون نویسی).


Paper Pattern:

There are two portions of Urdu paper for 12th class, i.e. objective-wise and subjective wise. Students are required to attempt this paper within three hours. Time allowed for multiple choice questions is 20 minutes, while the remaining two hours and forty minutes are for subjective portion.

Objective Portion:

It contains 20 MCQs. There division is as follow:

From Saramaya Urdu (سرمایہ اردو):

·         5 MCQs from lesson

From Grammar:

·         5 MCQs from مطابقت اور حروف

·         5 MCQs from رموزاوقاف

·         5 MCQs from امدادی افعال


Subjective Portion:

 The subjective portion is divided into two sections:


The first section of this portion contains two stanzas, each from Nazam and Ghazal. Students have to explain both stanzas. They are also required to mention the poets of the poem and ghazal along with telling the name of the poem.


There are five questions in this section. They are numbered from 3 to 7. 3rd question of this section contains two paragraphs. Students have to paraphrase any one. They are also required to state the name of the lesson and a writer. In the 4th question, students have to write a summary of a given lesson with the writer’s name. The fifth question is about summary of poem.

6thand 7th questions are based on creative writing. Students have to write an essay on a topic of their own choice. The option is available among three subjects. Essay carries 20 marks. The last question is of 10 marks, which directs students to write a letter on a given topic.