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Chemistry can be quite confusing for students of 9th class as it’s the first they are studying a whole subject on this field. Chemistry was added as a compulsory subject for all students of Science group of 9th class. It means you must pass this subject in order to move on to the next class. Many young understudies make career in this field if they like this course. We will help you understand and learn this course so you can not only pass its exam but be able to make an informed decision about your career. 1. Course of 9th class chemistry 2. Paper pattern of 9th class chemistry for Punjab board students 3. Paper pattern of the 9th class chemistry for federal board students 4. Why study this course

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What is 9th Class Chemistry?

What is 9th Class Chemistry?

There is a total of Eight chapters in this 9th class Chemistry. You will learn complete basics of chemistry in this course. Each chapter describes basic parts of one of field of Chemistry. You will learn the history of Chemistry, its branches and learn to make formulas. Following are the titles of all eight chapters you will study in this course.


1)    Fundamental of Chemistry

2)    Structure of Atom

3)    Periodic Table and Periodicity of P

4)    Structure of Molecule

5)    Physical States of Matters

6)    Solution

7)    Electrochemistry

8)    Chemical Reactivity

Paper Pattern of 9th Class Chemistry for Punjab Board Students

Entire paper of 9th class Chemistry is divided in two major portions.

Objective Type

First potion is ‘Objective Type’ that carries a total of 12 marks. In objective portion, you will be given 12 Multiple Choice Questions. After selecting the right option from an MCQ you will fill a circle of that question and choice on the Bubble Sheet.

Remember that you have to complete all MCQs in 15 minutes after that objective sheet will be collected by the invigilator.

Subjective Type

Second Major portion is subjective which can further be divided in two different parts. Subjective portion of Chemistry carries 48 marks. All subjective type is done on answer sheet. Use blue marker to writer questions and a blue pen to write their answers. Be sure to give a neat and clean writing.


First Part:

In firsts part, there is a total of 24 questions divided in Three sub-sections. You will be required to attempt any five questions from every sub-section. It means that you have to write answers to 15 short questions each carrying 2 marks.

Second Part:

The second part of subjective Type contains 3 Long Questions each with two sub-parts. You will have to attempt 2 of these 3 long questions. Each long question carries total 9 marks divided in its two sub-parts.

Paper Pattern of the 9th Chemistry for Federal Board

Chemistry paper for Federal Board students of 9th class is divided in Three sections named as A, B, and C. All these three sections collectively carry 65 Marks for Chemistry paper.

Section A


The section A comprises 12 Multiple Choice Questions carrying total 12 marks. These MCQs can be from exercise of each chapter or from within the chapter. Remember that there is no Choice here and you have to attempt all these within 15 minutes.

Section B

There are given 15 short questions in section B. Student is required to answer 11 of them each within three to four lines. Each short question carries 3 marks making a total 33 Marks in Section B.

Section C

There are only Three Long Questions in section C. You are required to attempt 2 of these long questions. Each of these long questions have Two sub-questions. Each sub-question carries 5 marks. It means there is a total 20 Marks in in Section C.

Why Should We Study this Course?

This course will help you understand all organic compounds around. You will get to learn where we live and how we live. You will all about material and how they are created. You get 65 Marks from this course but we should also consider the career opportunities this course can open for us. You can become a Chemical Engineer or a Scientist in future if you pursue this course.