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Topic.1:Choosing to eat organic. (spend on organic food to avoid spending on the treatment of diseases.)

(Spend on Organic Food to Avoid Spending on the Treatment of Diseases.) “If you think organic food is expensive, have you priced cancer lately?” Organic food has gained popularity these days. People have become aware of how chemicals and preservatives can affect their health adversely. But it can be very confusing and difficult to get to know the real benefits,claims and labels of organic food. Several questions need to be addressed. Such as are GMOs and pesticides carcinogenic? How can organic food improve health? This course will guide you in making the right choices and decisions about organic food.

Topic 2:Master reading food labels. (you can buy the food but you have to earn your health.)

(You can buy the food but you have to earn your health.) Most of us never bother to read the food labels when we buy packaged food. I truly condemn this practice. As reading the food labels is very important to know what exactly are you eating.This course is aimed to impart the knowledge of reading food labels among the people so that they can make healthier food choices .In order to earn a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle we all must pay special attention to the food labels.

Topic 3:Eliminate disease causing food from your diet. (understand which foods can cause disease and how to replace them with healthier options.)

What if I told that you have been eating several foods without realizing and knowing that they are biggest carcinogenic culprits? In olden days, people were not so concerned about foods that caused cancer because their diet and environment was pure. However these days cancer researchers have put forward a long list of food that cause cancer. It seems that the best way to escape a death by cancer is to starve to death. But the good news is that this course will not only inform you about cancer causing food, but also let you know about foods that are scientifically proven to lower the risk of cancer and fight cancer.

Topic 4:Prevent global food shortage.(contribute to face the global food challenge.)

Description: The global food system and distribution is unequal and inadequate. Residing in the same planet, some go to sleep hungry. While others feed their greed not their bodies and waste tons of food. This raises questions to food safety and security. With the increased consumption of meat in some parts of the world, the availability of food is decreased in others.It’s a truth that livestock’s consume a lot of food to grow. Meat provides fewer calories than what it takes to produce it. Countries that are facing starvation problems, use their grains to feed the livestock that are meant to be consumed by the developed countries. “It is not the lack of food, it is the unequal distribution of food that forces people to starve.”

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