MDCAT Entry Test - English

English is one of the four sections of MDCAT. The questions of English session are based on vocabulary and grammar. This portion analyzes their linguistic ability of the candidates. We have covered all questions of this section on the MDCAT page of instutor.com. By watching these lectures students will be able to handle this section easily. We have also provided the facility of online test so that’s why students could do more practice to get high marks.

Subject Details

There are four parts in MDCAT English. There parts are related to English grammar and vocabulary.


To solve Part-I aspirants will have to choose the best possible word to complete a sentence from four given alternatives. This part will contain four marks.


In part-II candidates are required to identify a grammatical mistake in given sentence. It will based on six questions.


The third part is about choosing a grammatical mistake free sentence out of four given options. There will be ten questions in this part.


The fourth part will based on ten MCQs. Candidates will have to choose the nearest correct meaning of the given word from four possible options.


To solve the English section of MDCAT session, students should read articles. They should also enhance their vocabulary by developing a habit of dictionary reading. They are also required to learn basic grammar rules, sentence structure and tenses to solve grammatical error questions accurately. You can practice all these questions on instutor.com just by login for free.