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Hacks & Strategies of Ultra Productivity for Everyone (The Scientific Hacks to Stop the Clock and Boost your Productivity)

Description We have a new agenda, a new task a new deadline every day. But the problem lies in the fact that how can we increase our productivity to do the best of our potentials and capabilities. I am sure if a Ginny would appear from a lamp, most of us would wish to boost our productivity. Only if we could boost our productivity, we could achieve so much in our lives.I cannot assure you of finding a Ginny and a lamp .But I can guarantee you this course is going to provide you expert advice and ultimate hacks that can raise your productivity to a tremendous new level .Only being motivated to increase your productivity is not enough, you need practical and substantial techniques and tools to become ultra-productive . The course can reveal some of the supernatural powers of how you can stop the clock and boost your productivity .Our time management techniques are no less than supernatural powers. The target audience for this course is more general than others .As the methods and techniques introduced can be implemented by person from any walk of life . We promise to eliminate procrastination and laziness out of your life. Requirements : Focus on Being Productive, rather than being busy. It is a hands on learning course,so one of the prerequisite is readiness to apply the given methods and techniques. Audience: • No limitation of age, gender, culture , occupation • Anyone who wants to be more productive can join this course. • Entrepreneurs , teachers , students , Doctors , House wives Learning Outcomes: • Enhancement of productivity by as much as 30% • How to avoid distractions and interruptions by executing productivity hacks • Organize yourself to achieve the ultimate productivity. • Customize your road-map to Success. • Apply this short cut to productivity and realize the substantial advantages of time management. • De-learn the habits that can adversely affect your productivity. • Positive reinforcement by using incentives to upgrade your creativity. • Utilize your time effectively. Summary : • Limit Distractions don’t use cell phone, Multi-tasking can cost up to 40 percent more time than single-tasking. • Keep a things to do list.Try writing it using a paper and pen rather than an application on phone.You could use different colors, highlighters. Paste it somewhere you could see all the time .The act of writing has been linked to increased cognitive thinking and hence increased productivity . • Prevent straining and exhausting yourself . for e.g. prevent eye straining as a result of staring at your computer. If your job requires speaking, give a break to your vocals. Don’t strain your muscles and exhaust your body. • It’s important to take breaks between your work . During the break, try breaking the monotony of work.Try doing something that is completely different than your work.Divide your work into smaller bite. • Environment has a significant impact on the productivity .A bright room with ample cross ventilation is important . If your job requires creativity ,try setting up the office or the work place in such a way that can enhance your creativity . • Exercise is a potent tool to build your productivity. It increase your blood flow taking more oxygen to brain =more productive • Stay hydrated and fresh , avoid caffeine and energy boosting drinks . Try consume fresh juices and refreshing drinks . Additional Material Assignment : Make an accountability chart to track your progress every night before going to bed . Write down all the tasks you have comleted and give your self an incentive for it . And also highlight the tasks you could not complete , and make those tasks the top priority to complete next day . Test : An Online Test to assess your Productivity.

The Student of the Year (Get Productive Learning Strategies on Your Finger Tips)

Description: Ever student wants to be a productive student . And every teacher wishes to have more productive students in the class . But what qualities and characteristics does a Productive Student have? And what does a non-productive student lack? This course is targeted at both teachers and students . As better learning is only achieved through mutual efforts of the students and teacher. Course will focus on some teaching and some learning strategies that are known to enhance class room learning. The proven techniques allow students to gain mastery in learning. We guarantee you that this course will serve to improve your memory and retaining power.It will not only elaborate on how to learn languages effectively but also help to refine your motor skills. The science students need not feel left out,as the course caters them as well .Whatever field you are pursuing medical, engineering , computers, humanities , social sciences this course will provide you an insight to improve your learning power . Trust me if you follow the instructions and adopt these techniques you would find learning fun and easy like never before. Learning Outcomes :  Tips on how to ace your exams.  Better reading and comprehension.  Increase analytical and Problem solving capabilities .  Retain information 50x more quickly .  Improve the memory capacity 70x greater than before  Get to know psychological theories and perception of learning and productivity.  Adopt a Better practical and hands on learning .  How to take effective notes while listening to the lecture .  Tailor-fit your learning strategy.  Craft studying timetables that will increase their proficiency of learning by 100%  Organize your resources and educational material to maximum benefit from them. Audience Students who want to upgrade their productivity by improving learning strategies. Teachers who desire to use teaching strategies that can fulfill the requirements of all individuals. Parents who are concerned about the academic achievements and progress of their child. Additional Material: Books: Mobile Applications: Requirements: No pre-requisites. No fancy requirements, just a pen and a notepad. And oh yes, we require you to use your wits and brains for best understanding of the course. Summary: Productivity is a global issue for students and teachers. Here are the Hacks of Productivity: • A Planner is an instant inspiration for your long term and short term goals.Get a planner and organize yourself.Highlight the priority task.Use different colors for different tasks and subjects. • Most importantly set realistic and achievable goals.Co-ordinate weekly, monthly and yearly goals . • Don’t study the same subject for a long time .Overlap different subjects .E.g. if you want to study particular subject for five hours before your exam.You could study the subject one hour every day Short study sessions are better . • Review and recall what you have learnt everyday don’t pile up things for exams. • Pay special attention to your mistakes.Learn from your mistakes. • Practice as much as you can .Practice the same concept many time.However you can use different approaches to practice the same concept . • When a concept is taught ,try making relevant examples.Get examples from everyday life . • Combine visual learning with text. • Take as many tests as you can.

Topic 3.3 The Birth of a Productive Parent (Raising Children is a Creative Endeavor, an art Rather than a Science)

Description: When parents are asked, “What do you want the most out of your lives?” Believe me, 90 percent of the parent answered that they wanted to bring up their children in a better way.They want to raise amazing children. We won’t make false promises that this course will make your children amazing. But in fact this course targets to teach you how to raise them amazingly. It is just as much about you, as it is about them. Ever parent wants to be more effective and productive. But being a parent is not an easy and nor a popular job. We are in a habit of only demanding and getting from our parents. But this course, is a trend –changer. The course provides everything a parent needs to know. A big congratulations to all the parents, you are just on the right page to know all that what it needs to be an effective parent. We are here to hear the plights of the parents. We know parenting is tough. Parenting is difficult at every stage, so we have something for all. A guide for the parents of new born to a guide for the parents of adults. We will give you the keys to comprehend why your child is behaving in a certain way, and more importantly, how to react to it. Learning Outcomes: Tips & tricks to be a confident and more productive parent. Parenting hacks for new parents. Expert advice for parents of troublesome teens. Master potent techniques that will mend and improve your relationship with your child. Get an insight to appropriate reactions to a child’s inappropriate behavior. Prevent the manifestation of your child's problematic behavior. Develop a peaceful and smooth environment at your home that your family can enjoy. Overcome obstacles that restrict effective parenting Become a role model parents for others. Requirements: No such requirements for the course. Most important is the readiness to de-learn all the wrong practices you have been doing since ages. A quiet and serene place where you can sit and watch the videos and motivate yourself to be more productive. Audience: Parents and Children from all around the world. Additional Material An entertaining clip on “How to be a Good Parent “ Summary : For most parenting and productivity doesn’t seem to go along quite well.However after taking this course you would give yourself a pat on the back. Here are the ultimate parenting hacks all summed up for you . • Stop Multi-tasking it reduces your productivity.Multi-Tasking was once considered in vogue.The latest research talks about how multi tasking dramatically reduces your productivity. Especially multi-tasking with kids should be considered a major vice .You cannot simply claim to spend time with your kids in the park, while you sit back on the bench with your laptop . • Plan family trips . Take fun Breaks.This is a must to do thing .You can plan a vacation with your children. Try talking to your children other than their academics, talk to them about their friends,their hobbies etc. • Develop a schedule for your self and your children. Set an example for you children that you too follow schedule and rules . • Define your goals.It is very crucial to achieve maximum productivity . • Be fun with your kids .Break the ice .Let them know you can be fun too . • Devote some time for your kids only . • Get help for the household chores. • Share responsibilities with your spouse . • Try to finish all your tasks when your kids are that you can spend maximum time with your children .

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