Stress Management for Personality Development

Beat the stress out of your life to welcome happiness and success into your life.

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What is Stress

Description: It is quite usual to hear statements like “I am stressed”, “Stress is killing me”. We hear this every now and then from almost everyone. It seems as if globally we all share one thing in common and that’s “stress”. The word “stress” pops up” quite often. In fact stress is acknowledge as a part of life. Stress can be identified as good stress and as bad stress. Good stress acts as a motivation to help you cope up difficult times, where as bad stress makes your life a drag and a misery. We have developed this course to help you understand what stress actually is and why is it so widespread. This short course is especially designed to give you a holistic view of stress, what triggers it, what are the biological basis etc. It will also brief you about the signs and symptoms of stress to help you identify if you are a victim of stress. Learning Outcomes:  A complete understanding of stress and its biological basis  Differentiate between positive and negative stress  Find out your Stressor ( the stimulus that causes stress )  Realize what causes stress to you.  Get to know how stress can affect your mental and physical health  Help audience to identify symptoms and signs of stress.  Find out if you too are a victim of stress.  Differentiate between stress and anxiety. Summary: The physiological or biological definition of stress is an organism’s response (biological cascade of reactions) to a stressor (stimulus) such as an environment. Stress is the mechanism of body to react to challenge. Stress is perceived by a small portion of our brain called hypothalamus .Which in turn sends out chemical signals to the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are responsible for secreting stress hormones (Adrenaline & Cortisol). Which upsurges your heart rate, raises your blood pressure and boosts energy supplies. Technically, stress is normal. Just like other mechanism of body, like sweating when we are feeling hot. But how we react to stress makes the condition abnormal and weird. To put it simple, anything that tends to put ones success and well-being at stake can be identified as stress. Stress is crucial for survival, in case you encounter a lion it is stress that provides you with all the extra energy to run and save your life. Similarly good stress, for instance stress about upcoming exams will motivate you to do better. But too much stress can be damaging and it can have adverse effects on your body and mind. Additional Material  Books on “Stress”

How to Slay your Stress Monster

Learning Outcomes: How to identify the sources of Stress.  Get to know the secrets of stress anxiety management.  Recognize the signs and symptoms that trigger stress, adopt a proactive approach and be prepared to manage stress.  Acquire stress management skills for temporary and long term stress management.  Apply in-the-moment simple stress management solutions and longer term effective stress anxiety management techniques  You will be able to harness your stress animal.  Be able to prevent stress from affecting your life and health  You'll know why we manifest illness from stress and how to stress less and live longer  Master some of the most reliable, proven and easy techniques for stress management.  Learn why Stress Management is so important.  Try out our reliable, easy and portable exercises that will bust your stress and boost your mood.  Personalize your Stress Management Techniques. Description of the Course: Stress is a fighting mechanism, fight or flight response to help us escape. The living on the edge life these days is coupled with stress. Stress compromises our immune system, digestive system, cause infertility and can prevent weight loss. Everyone faces stress and difficult times. But superior people learn to act positively to such conditions. Our Psychological mind can hold only one feeling at a time. We therefore have the power to replace the negative thought that stresses us out with a positive thought. First of all this courses teaches that why stress management so important is. We all need to take out time for stress management before we collapse and crash. Because if it gets too let and we stress out and face adverse consequences, that we regret later . e.g. we might act or behave in appropriately manner .This course will help you master techniques to combat stress .As we all must fight stress like warriors to eliminate its negative effects from our life and to live a peaceful life with maximum productivity. Summary Identifying your stressor (stimuli) is the first step in stress management. Stressors may be external & internal or intra & inter personal stressor. Acknowledge your symptoms of stress. Look for signs of stress building up before it gets worse. This is an obligatory step in stress management. There may be Behavioral Symptoms or Physiological symptoms like pains and cramps or Emotional Symptoms. External & internal or intra & inter personal stressor. Everyone might have their own ways to reduce stress and anxiety. E.g. some might relieve stress by listening to music or playing music. Exercising and Yoga is one of the oldest and most proven technique to release energies and stress. Having someone to talk to, and share your stress with might also be a good stress management technique for some. One minute breath meditation is recommended people who don’t have time for stress management technique. It is one minute mediation for ultimate relaxation. We must View the problem as a challenge to overcome anxiety, as word challenge is more positive. First thing to stress management is to know what triggers stress, getting to know the stressor (stimuli ) is the first step to manage stress. Get to know the source of your stress. BRNT technique for Relieve of Stress. Breathe a minute. Relax for a while. Enjoy the little things in life. Notice the good things. Thank and appreciate everyone. Additional Material: Books on stress Management: Quiz on: How well do you manage your stress? Mobile Phone applications to help you mange stress:

Stress in Professional Life

“My Job is killing me” we all have said it once in life, or perhaps heard others say it. According to a poll, 50 percent of the people feel stressed at their work place. This course is targeted at people who feel stressed at their workplace .And they are experiencing the negative effects of stress on their mental and physical health. This course is formulated to help people overcome physical effects of stress such as back pain, neck pain, high blood pressure and a compromised immune system. The course contains simple practices for relaxing all the major tension areas. Learning outcomes:  Identify what causes you stress at work place.  Learn relaxation techniques to avoid stress at office.  Be able to manage time, reduce stress and increase professional productivity.  Study how to manage your time more effectively by prioritizing work and life commitments.  Become more organized in your daily routine. .  How to avoid interruptions during your work day that prevent you from meeting your deadlines. Summary: Stress is not a decision but how we react to stress is solely our decision. Work place is one of the single most preventable conditions but if left unaddressed it can manifest itself into chronic mental and physical health problems. The causes of stress at work place can be identified as : • Constant criticism from others no appreciation • Work load, failures to meet deadlines. • Being not happy with you Salary or Job description. • A Bad-repute and relation with co-workers • Workplace environment. As an employer it is your moral and legal duty to prevent your employees from suffering from work related stress .Work place stress is a cause of concern to organizations as it can reduce productivity of the employees. To manage Stress at Workplace you should adopt the following techniques: • You can manage and save your time , by doing first things first .Prioritize your work and life commitments . Identify the tasks that have a potential to cause stress to you . Try to spend more time on it . • Become organized in your daily routine. When doing one particular task avoid shifting to next without completing the first one . Take help of things that can help you stay organized like planners, things to do list etc. . • Avoid interruptions during your work day. If you have a certain task to complete, avoid answering phones, responding to emails and being called away from your work. • Speak up, try to share what you feel . Don’t keep it within you . If your salary or work environment bothers you try talking to your employers so that you can find a solution . • Don’t exhaust yourself. Even machines need to take a break . Take out some time , relax and enjoy for some time . Take short breaks during your work . This would make you more effective and productive. Additional Material Take a test to find out if you are undergoing workplace stress.

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