Viable & Effective Means to Achieve Mental Well-Being.

A Comprehensive course to understand and treat mental health issues and problems.

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22 Lectures - 14:39:24

Topic #1:Significance of mental health. (Caring for mind is just as important as caring for body)

Looking after ones' emotional and mental health is one of the most important things. Mental health is our ability to respond to challenges. We all respond differently to different challenges.How well and how positively we respond to such challenges is useful in determining our mental health .Learn how to improve not only your mental health but also of others.

Topic #2 Achieve Stability via Acupuncture(A layman’s guide to acupuncture for relieve from stress, anxiety, depression and many other mental problems.)

Talking about mental illnesses and disorders is very stigmatizing. But we cannot overlook the fact that millions of people suffer from several mental health and psychological problems. Treatment of a mental issue is just as important as treatment of physical disease, impairment or ailment. People feel reluctant to talk about their mental illness and issues. Advancements in medicine have skyrocketed and many therapeutic and medicinal treatments are now available. However the ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture remains popular among people. Get to know the basics of acupuncture to help people recover from mental illnesses and disorders. Acupuncture is recognized by WHO as a viable and effective mental health treatment .

Topic #3:Preventing a suicidal attempt (Metal problems and emotional constraints can manifest themselves into suicidal thoughts.)

Mental ailments and psychological issues are very serious and can prove to be very fatal. People suffering from mental issues often have bizarre thinking processes. They may have suicidal thoughts. Prevention and intervention can help saving a person from ending up their life. This course is beneficial in suicide recognition and prevention. It is highly recommended to people who care about others.This course will enable you to prevent a suicide if you are witnessing it. You won’t just stand their helpless to regret later, but reach out and carry appropriate measures.

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