Punjab Board 10th - Islamiyat

Whether you are a student of Arts Group or Science Group, you have to study Islamiat as it is compulsory for all candidates appearing in matriculation examination. This course is related to Islamic studies. It contains Quranic Surahs (chapters) and their translation, stories from the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW, ahadees and some Islamic subject studies. Non-Muslim students can skip this course as an option of “Ethics” is available for them.

Subject Details

The subject has been developed to make students aware about Islam, teach them Quran so that they could understand it. It also informs students about their history, and Islamic teachings. They learn the meaning of different terms such as farz, Sunnah, fiqah, etc.


Content for 10th class:

Unit A: Surahs and Their Translation:

Surah Ahzaab (سورۃ الاحزاب)

Surah Al Mumtahinah (سورۃ الممتحنہ)

Unit B: Ahadees

There are total 10 ahadees (11-20) which students need to cover in this part for exams of matric part-II.

Unit C: Subject Study

  • Purity and Physical Cleanliness (طہارت اور جسمانی صفائی)
  • Patience-Gratitude and our individual and social life ( صبر و شکر اور ہماری انفرادی ہ اجتماعی زندگی )
  • Migration and Jehad (ہجرت و جہاد)
  • The importance of family life (عائلی زندگی کی اہمیت)
  • Human Rights (حقوق العباد)

Paper Pattern:

An Islamic Studies paper of 10th grade is comprised of two portions; one is objective wise and the other is subjective wise. Objective wise contains 10 MCQ(s), each of 1 mark. All these questions are compulsory to attempt. Whereas, the subjective portion carries 40 marks as a whole, which includes short questions of 24 marks. Each short question is assigned two numbers. Students are also required to attempt three long questions of 16 marks.