Punjab Board Grammar

FSc Part 1 - Punjab Board Grammar

On this page the complete section of Grammar for all Punjab Boards is discussed. Grammar are the complete system and structure to write and speak English. Only the most basic and topics from Grammar are included in the syllabus of Punjab Board English Grammar. Out of these total 100 marks in English paper, 35 marks are covered from Grammar. On this page, you will find video lectures of complete English Grammar for Punjab Board.

Subject Details

Who Should Study this Course?

English is a compulsory subject for all programs of intermediate. All Punjab Boards and Federal Board students in Punjab have to learn this course. In this page you will learn:

1.    What is English Grammar of 1st Year in Punjab Board?

2.    Paper Pattern and Attempting Method from Grammar for Punjab Board

3.    Why Study this Course

What is English Grammar of 1st Year in Punjab Board?

English Grammar is an important portions of 1st year English syllabus of Punjab Board. Grammar is divided into 5 portions.

1.    Tenses

2.    Pair of Words

3.    Letter and Application Writing

4.    Story Writing

5.    Punctuation

Paper Pattern and Attempting Method from Grammar for Punjab Board

Grammar is one of three sections. Grammar covers 35 marks in exam. Grammar covers Question Number 5 – 8 in exam. Questions in paper include following from Grammar:

1.    Letter or Application Writing

2.    Story Writing

3.    Punctuation

4.    Making Sentences of Pair of Words

5.    MCQs from Tenses

1 -    Letter, Application and Story Writing:

In Question Number 5 of English Paper, students are given a letter and an application. Student is required to write one of them in a proper manner following are rules of writing with exact format. This one question contains 10 marks.

In Question Number 6 of English Paper, students are given two story morals. Student is required write one of the story in a proper manner. This question also contains 10 marks

How to Attempt a Letter, Application or Story:

First of all, start the them from new page. In next line or after skipping one line, start to attempt the story, application or letter. Student must follow all the rules of letter writing. You should make 2 – 3 paragraphs in all of them. Watch the video lecture on Letter writing, Application writing and Story writing for more guidance.

2 -   Punctuation and Capitalization from Plays:

There will be a small paragraph from Plays or Short stories in the Part (b) of Question Number 7 of paper. This question contains 5 marks. Learn video lectures on punctuation and capitalization rules in Grammar portion and attempt this question accordingly.

3 -   Make Sentences of Pair of Words:

In Part (c) of Question Number 7 of English Paper, students are given 7 pairs of words. Student is required to make sentence of 5 pairs of words. Each pair contains 1 mark.

In short, there is a total of 5 marks from pair of words given in Part (c) of Question Number 7 of paper.

How to Attempt Pair of Words?

Select 5 pairs of words that you can make sentences of. Write one word of the pair with marker and in next line write its sentence with pen. Watch the video lecture on Pairs of Words on instutor.com for more guidance.

4 -   MCQs from Tenses:

You will get 20 marks of MCQs from Book One and Three, and Grammatical concepts Tenses. Each question has four options. From tenses, there will be given a sentence with not dash in place of verb or helping verb. Below that sentence will be given 4 different types of verbs. Student has to select the form of verb that fits best in the sentence. Watch video lectures on these topics for complete understanding. Following is an example for tenses in MCQs.

1.      She generally __________ English.

(A) speaks                                                (B) speak

(C)  speaking                                            (D) has Spoken

Why Study this Course?

A complete system and structure of a language is called its Grammar. Almost every language has a Grammar which makes it easier to teach and understand. The topics included in the syllabus of first Year English are the basic foundation of English language. In order to master this language, one must first have complete understanding of these concepts. If you learn this course, it not only helps you learn English language for practical life but you also get 33 percent marks in exam from this section.