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Punjab Board 9th - Computer Science Old Book

Computer Sciences is an elected subject alternative to Biology for students of 9th class in Punjab and Federal Board. This is a course that every student must learn if he/she does not plan to pursue a career in it. On this page, you will find every detail there is to know about the 9th class Computer syllabus and Board exams. You will not only find these details for Punjab and Federal Board but there is also a complete course of video lectures of entire syllabus free of cost. Here you will find following contents. 1. Course of 9th class Computer Science? 2. Paper pattern of 9th class Computer Science for Punjab board students? 3. Paper pattern of the 9th class biology for federal board students? 4. Why study this course?

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Subject Details


What is 9th Class Computer Science

There are total Seven Chapters in this Computer Sciences of 9th class. You will not have any difficulty studying this course even if you have no past experience with the use of computers. All chapters are designed in an order that will take you from basic to advance level of computer sciences. You will have to pass this course in order to get matric certificate. Here are the course chapters:


1)    Introduction to Computer Science

2)    Computer Components

3)    Input /Output Devices

4)    Storage Devices

5)    Data Representation

6)    Boolean Algebra

7)    Computer Software

Paper Pattern of 9th Class Computer Science for Punjab Board Students

Syllabus for Punjab and Federal Board students is same however there might be a little difference in paper pattern. In Punjab board total marks of this subject are 50 (fifty). There are Two Portions of this course including Subjective and Objective.

Objective Type

Objective type is very simple and contains on ten Multiple Choice Questions for 10 marks. You will be given Sheet for MCQs first with a bubble sheet. You have get all 10 correct options within 15 minutes and fill the circles on bubble sheet accordingly. Note that students are not given extra time for MCQs.

Subjective Type

Subjective type of Computer Sciences for Punjab Board carries 40 marks. You will have to write all answers on paper sheet for this potion. These 40 marks are then further divided in two parts.

1st Part:

There are given 18 short questions divided in three sub sections. You will have to attempt a total of 12 questions. There are 6 questions in each sub section and you must attempt 4 questions from each. Each question carries 2 marks making a total of 24 marks from 1st Part of Subjective Type.

2nd Part:

In 2nd Part of Subjective Type student is given 3 Long Questions. You will be required to answer 2 of these questions in detail. Each long questions carries 8 marks and may be further divided in two parts. In short, 2nd Part of Subjective Type of 9th Class Computer Sciences carries 16 Marks. Following describes complete division of marks:


·         Objective types (MCQs)            = 10 marks

·         Short Questions                            = 24 marks

·         Long Questions (Subjective)     = 16 marks

·         Total Marks from Theory             = 50 marks

·         Practical (9th + 10th )                    = 50 marks

Paper Pattern of the 9th Class Computer Science for Federal Board

Computer Sciences exam of 9th class is divided in Three sections A, B, and C in Federal Board. Each section is attempted differently and carries different marks.

Section A

There are total 12 Multiple Choice Questions with four options in Section A of 9th Class Computer Science exam of Federal Board. Student is required to attempt all of the questions for 12 Marks.

Section B

Sections B consists of 13 Short Questions and you must attempt answers to 9 questions. Briefly answer each question in 3 – 4 lines for 3 marks. It means that Section B carries a total of 27 marks from your paper.

Section C

There are only long questions in Section C which you have to answer in detail. There are given 3 questions and student has to attempt 2 questions. Each of these questions are further divided in two sub-questions containing 4 marks. So, you get 16 Marks from Sections C. Complete 55 marks of all Three Sections (A, B, C) are divided as defined following.


·         Objective (MCQs)      = 12 marks

·         Short Question            = 27 marks

·         Long Questions           = 12 marks

·         Total marks                   = 55 marks

Why Should We Study this Course?

Computer Sciences gives us knowledge and understanding of a new artificial virtual world. There are many fields inside Computer Sciences that students can choose to make a career. If you like computers and technology then this course is definitely for you. You will not only enjoy studying this course but you also get marks for it. There are rarely any job today that doesn’t involve use of computer. It is suggested to study this course with interest even if you don’t intend to make career in this field.