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English is compulsory subject for the students of matric. Whether you belong to science or arts group, in Punjab or Federal board; you have to pass this exam of 75 marks. There are 22 lessons including poems and some grammar topics in your syllabus that are discussed below on this page. We have also shared video lectures of complete English syllabus for 9th Class both Punjab and Federal Board. 1. Who should study this course 2. Course of 9th class English 3. Paper pattern of 9th class English for Punjab board students 4. Paper pattern of the 9th class English for federal board students 5. Why study this course

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Who Should Study this Course?

As we know that English is an international language so according to current situation  the students of Elementary education who want to study in science or arts group in their Matriculation, this subject is compulsory for them. In both Punjab and Federal board this subject taught as a major subject. 

What is Course of 9th Class English

In English book of 9th class, there are twenty two lessons. Student will gain writing and reading skills after studying this course. In this course there are also five poems which will give a good idea pertaining to English literature and poetry. It also includes a large portion English grammar that comprises tenses, letter/application writing and active/passive voice changing.

Paper Pattern of 9th Class English for Punjab Board Students

There is a little difference of paper pattern in both Punjab and Federal Boards however almost entire syllabus is same. In Punjab board total marks of this subject are Seventy five (75). This paper consists of questions both from book and grammar portion. There are two portions of this course including Subjective and Objective.




First objective portion, the objective portion consists of nineteen (19) marks which has to be attempted in twenty Minutes. There are given Multiple Choice Questions with four options. You will select the right answer from question paper and fill the circle of same question and same option on the Bubble Sheet.


·         Five MCQs (correct form of verb).

·         Five spelling missing MCQs.

·         Five MCQs. correct meaning (synonyms).

·         Four MCQs. Grammatical corrections.




First portion subjective type consists of Short Questions and Long Questions. There are 8 eight short Questions. Student has to attempt any five. Each question carries equal marks which is (2) two Marks per Question.

The next section consists on questions both from Book portion and Grammar portion. Here is the part of Book and Grammar from where questions are derived.


1.    Translate the paragraph or rewrite the paragraph into simple English: Contains 8 Marks

·         In this portion there are three paragraphs given in paper and student has to attempt any of two paragraphs or to rewrite the paragraph into simple English.


2.    Summary or paraphrase the lines with reference to the context. Contains 5 Marks

3.    Use of words idioms or phrase. Contains 5 Marks

4.    Letter, story, or dialogue. Contains 8 Marks

5.    Read the passage and gave the answers. Contains 10 Marks

6.    Translate Urdu into English. Total 8 questions attempt any five. Contains 5 Marks

7.    Change the voice (active voice/ passive voice). Contains 5 Marks


·         Objective type (MCQs)                 = 19 marks

·         Short Questions                                = 10 marks

·         Subjective type (Book portion)     = 13 marks

·         Subjective type (Grammar)          = 33 marks

·         Total marks                                        = 75

Paper Pattern of the 9th English for Federal Board

Entire paper of 9th class English is divided in Three sections A, B, and C. Each section is different from others and contains different marks. There are Multiple Choice Questions in Section A that is objective type. Section B and C cover subjective type portion with 7 questions.


1.    Objective type (MCQs): 15 Marks

·         Synonyms from Book and Grammar


2.    Short Questions: 18 Marks

·         In this portion there are eight short questions and student has to attempt any six questions. Each question has 3 three marks.


3.    Paraphrase any one stanza / read the stanza and give the answers: 9 Marks

4.    Change the voice. 4 Marks

5.    Correct form of Verb/ Punctuate and capitalize the following Para: 5+3= 8 Marks

6.    Write a letter: 8 Marks

7.    Write a paragraph (which the board gives): 5 Marks

8.    Translate Urdu into English any eight sentences out of twelve. Or write a dialogue. 8 Marks

Why Should We Study this Course?

English is world’s most popular and international language. English is also an official language of Pakistan. You must have good verbal and writing skill in this language if you wish to be successful in your professional life. You will get 75 marks out of studying this course but with that you will also learn many new vocabularies, sentences and all rules of how this language is used.