Punjab Board 9th - Physics

9th class physics is compulsory subject for the matric students of science group both in Punjab and Federal board. There are nine chapters in this course. All chapters are taught in video lectures here available at Be sure to first read this whole article and then start watching lectures to score high in your board exams. 1. Course of 9th class physics? 2. Paper pattern of 9th class physics for Punjab board students? 3. Paper pattern of the 9th class physics for federal board students? 4. Why study this course?

Subject Details


What is 9th Class Physics?

There are nine chapters in this course which are briefly described in the course book in both boards. The students are advised firstly read the whole syllabus described here and book carefully.

Here are the names of all chapters:


1.    Physical Quantities And Measurement

2.    Kinematics

3.    Dynamics

4.    Turning Effect Of Forces

5.    Gravitation

6.    Work And Energy

7.    Properties Of Matter

8.    Thermal Properties Of Matter

9.    Transfer Of Heat

Paper Pattern of 9th Class Physics for Punjab Board Students

Physics paper 9th class carries 65 marks in Punjab Board. It includes both objective and subjective type portion in which total marks are divided.

Objective Type

The objective part only comprises Multiple Choice Questions. In Physics paper, there are given 12 MCQs for 12 marks. You have to complete whole section within 15 minutes. After that, invigilator will collect it from you. You have fill all your answers in circles of bubble sheet. There is no need to tick early in hast take your time to understand the question and be sure of the answer before filling that circle.

Subjective Type

In subjective type there are total 48 marks. This portion of Physics can be divided in two major parts. Student has to read the paper carefully. No need to hurry in attempting the questions. Simply give the answers of the question which you know properly.

1st Part:

1st part of subjective portion includes Short Questions. These short questions are further distributed among Three Sub Sections. You are given a total of 25 questions and you have to attempt 16 of them for 32 marks. It means every short question carries 2 marks.

2nd Part:

2nd part only includes Five Long Questions. You have to answer three of these questions but they are further divided in two sub-questions. Each of these sub questions contain 3 - 4 marks. Entire 2nd part of subjective carries 21 marks.

·         Objective type (MCQs)     = 12 marks

·         Short Questions                    = 32 marks

·         Subjective type (Long Qs) = 21 marks

·         Total marks                            = 65 marks

·         Practical (Both 9th)               = 10 marks

Paper Pattern of the 9th Physics for Federal Board

In federal board the physics paper has the Three Section A, B, and C. The section A consists on Multiple Choice Questions. There are (12) twelve question in this portion which student has to attempt.

The next section is B, which consists on Short Questions. There are 15 fifteen short Questions and every student has to attempt any 11 eleven questions which should comprise on Three to Four Lines per each answer. The Section C consists on Long Questions. In this section there are total Three Questions from which student has to attempt two Questions. Each question has Two Sub Questions and each sub question has 5 five Marks. Similarly there are total 53 marks of the Subjective portion 33 of the short Questions and 20 of long questions.

·         Objective type (MCQs)       = 12 marks

·         Short Questions                     = 33 marks

·         Subjective type (Long Qs)  = 20 marks

·         Total Marks                             = 65 marks

Why Should We Study This Course?

The students who are going to study science education they should read this subject. This course has the basic and complete knowledge pertaining to physics. Generally if you look course outlines, so you can observe that this subject helps us in our daily life routines too. This course and subject is beautifully compiled with a purpose to provide a basic understanding about chemistry one should consider this course.