ECAT Entry Test - Chemistry

Chemistry part of the engineering college test is for those students who learnt the subject during their intermediate. The questions of the portion are based the course of FSc Pre-Engineering textbooks. We have uploaded the lectures of relevant chapters on this page. These lectures are delivered by keeping in view the entry test pattern for engineering colleges of Punjab. MCQ based test for each chapter is also available on You can take this test to prepare for ECAT exam

Subject Details

In ECAT paper, chemistry is an alternate portion of Computer Science or Statistics. It consists on thirty MCQs of 120 marks. Students have to attempt all these questions. To attain maximum marks in this portion students should have a strong grip on physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. All the questions come from these three parts of 11th and 12th grade textbooks of Chemistry. Students need to cover following topics to attain full marks in the test.

  • Fundamental concepts such as atom, isotopes, mole etc.
  • Process of filtration and crystallization
  • The relevant concepts of liquid, solid and gases.
  • Atomic structure and chemical bonding
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Solution and its types
  • Redox, conduction and electrode potential
  • Periodic Table, its groups and blocks
  • Properties, reactions and compounds of elements of all groups
  • Aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Nomenclature of ketones, aldehydes, alcohol and phenol; their reaction and properties.
  • Carboxylic acids, macromolecules and synthetic polymers
  •  Chemical industries, pollution and solid waste management.

All the above mentioned topics are explained thoroughly in chemistry section of ECAT. The relevant equations, reactions and properties of all elements are also taught in the video lectures. To prepare Chemistry Section of ECAT paper, watch these lectures and must read your textbooks. Take online assessment tests to analyze your ability and grip on the subject.