ECAT Entry Test - English

English is one of the four portions of ECAT exam. The English portion contains MCQs based on vocabulary and grammar. These questions the verbal ability of the aspirants. All questions of English are covered on this page under ECAT section of instutor.com. Students, you can watch these lectures to improve your grammar and verbal skills to easily able to handle this portion. The facility of self-assessment test is also available on this page.

Subject Details

The English portion of ECAT paper contains 10 questions. This part carries 40 marks, as the each question is of four marks. Video lectures of the syllabus for this portion are available on this page. You can take these lectures without paying any money. These lectures will improve your English grammar and composition. We also recommend you to take our online test after listening and practicing every topic. This practice will help you on your exam day. It will enable you to comprehend and solve the question more easily in a mean time.

This portion contains two types of questions which are given below:

  1. Spot the Error:

In such kind of questions aspirants have to identify the segment of a given sentence which contains error. After spotting the mistake, students should fill the name/number of that segment on provided sheet.


  1. Choose the correct sentence

This type of questions demands to select the error free sentence out of four alternatives. Then fill the correct option on the bubble sheet.


To solve these questions, you should:

  • Have good grip on tenses and direct indirect
  • Have sound knowledge of the proper usage of punctuation marks, prepositions and adjectives
  • Learn phrases and idioms
  • Know the right usage of analogies
  • Have a vast vocabulary
  • Good in comprehension