ECAT Entry Test - Mathematics

Mathematics is an essential portion of ECAT. It covers 30% of the pre admission test exam. Most of the students find this subject difficult due to the no usage of calculator during pre admission exam. However, the lectures of will excel your confidence to solve mathematical problems without the help of a calculator. We have covered the whole syllabus of mathematics according to the pattern of ECAT exam. These lectures will enhance your mathematical skills and knowledge which will assist you to solve mathematical problems quickly in exam.

Subject Details

Mathematics portion of ECAT exam contains 120 marks. There are thirty questions, each of four marks, in this portion. These questions are to test the overall mathematical and numerical abilities of the candidates who wish to take admission in any engineering program. The test is based on the questions from the syllabus of FSc, DAE and related degrees. The questions come from integration, differentiation, determinants, number system, trigonometry and algebra.

To prepare for this portion, we recommend students to read their textbook of intermediate, then take lectures to clear their confusion. If need, then read the book again and focus on the possible MCQs from each concept/topic. Take the assessment test at the end. This practice will help them to solve problems quickly.


ECAT Mathematics Syllabus:

ECAT test contains questions based on following mathematical topics. These topics are taught to students in intermediate, DAE, BSc, BTech, 12th grade and A-levels.

  • Number system, sets, function and groups.
  • Matrices and determinants
  • Quadratic Equation and partial fraction
  • Series, sequence, probability and permutation
  • Limits of Functions
  • Differentiation and Integration
  • Induction and Binomial Theorem
  • Trigonometry, its functions and equations
  • Graphic representation of trigonometric functions
  • Analytical geometry, linear inequalities and programing
  • Vector and conic section

Register yourself at to take video lectures of the above mentioned topics. These lectures will clear your concepts and will develop your understanding of the math. The MCQs of each topic will help you to test yourself before taking the final exam.