FSc Part 2UrduHissa Nazm (حصہ نظم)

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Naujwan Se Khitab Summay and Explanation (تشریح اور خلاصہ)


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10 Years Teaching Experience of Urdu Literature at Lahore's top level institutes & Colleges

Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal Iqbal

M.Phil.Phd (cont)

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    Muhammad Raza 01-04-2022

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    Syed Ali Abbas 10-01-2022

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    Muhammad Abdullah Ub 27-11-2021


  • iamge

    Zoob Ali 22-10-2021

    teaching method is good

  • iamge

    Am Noor Abid 05-08-2021

    Thank you so much sir

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